Love, what is Love?






For me, at this moment in time, the closet word to describe Love is ACCEPTANCE.

Love has many dimensions:

-An spiritual imprint

-A belief system

-An emotional state

-A physical demonstration

Love means different things to different people.

Sometimes we just associate love with romantic love or parent/child love… Love is experienced differently depending on our level of awareness. There is no right or wrong way to experience love, depending on where we are in the “love journey” our understanding, feeling and embodiment of love might be different to others around us.

I find that love keeps showing different aspects of itself to me as I get older. I can now see how my relationship with love has evolved and will continue to grow and deepened.

It is a point I make that everyone shows love in their own unique way and it is always good to accept that uniqueness.

A lot of times we expect people to love us the way we love. If I am “touchy feely” then I want others to be the same. Or if I am a “doer” then I want people to do back for me. Unconsciously we are saying “This is how I show love and this is what I expect back”. With this frame of mind I might accuse people around me of not loving me because I am not accepting and/or understanding their unique way of showing love.

This has being one of the most important revelations in my life.

When I drop my need to be loved in an specific way, which is limiting, I discover endless and limitless possibilities to experience love.

Focus on how others are loving you instead of focusing on how they are not!


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The Healer’s Journey

The Healer’s Journey brings you through the path to SELF discovery.

I had my first spiritual awakening at the age of 6. I remember it very clearly. I was a very angry little girl. I felt unloved and misunderstood. I felt trapped in my body as I felt the power of who I truly was, but it was only me who could see this as everyone else saw me as just a little girl, someone’s daughter. I moved to a new school, a catholic school run by salesians nuns. There was a little chapel beside my classroom and one day I felt an inner calling to go in. As I walked in I felt a warmth and calmness that allowed me to connect with my heart in a way I had never experienced before. From that moment I knew everything would be OK, that I was loved and my voice was heard. I wasn’t alone, I was part of something greater than I. From that day something changed within, anger disappeared and I knew that my life’s purpose was to help others to re-connect with themselves.

Years later, I realized that ‘helping others’ brought me a lot of suffering. There was something I was doing wrong. I couldn’t understand why my life’s purpose wasn’t bringing me happiness. Then I questioned myself  ‘what do I need to do differently?’ and all I could hear, see and feel was the word empowerment! At that stage in my life empowerment was alien to me. As I learned about empowerment I could see what I had been doing wrong. In helping others I was trapped in doing everything for them, believing that I could take their suffering away, but now I knew that helping others meant to empower myself and lead by example. I understood that by going deep within my wounds and transcending the attachment to pain and illusion, by holding a non judgmental existence and open arms of infinite acceptance I knew then that that was the way I could truly help others. When I transform my suffering into love I’m enabling and supporting others to re-connect with their hearts.

My belief changed from –I’ll do it for you– into –If I can do it so can You

What is a spiritual healer?

Someone who looks deep within, transforms suffering and illusion. Someone who is in an inner quest to develop courage, compassion and wisdom. Someone who is aiming to commune with the Divine (inner & outer) Someone who holds sacred space for others so they can find their truth. Someone who is committed to learning to love more everyday of their life. Someone who empowers others. Ultimately, Someone who embodies LOVE and their presence anchors LOVE.

What is healing?

We are self-healing beings.

Physical Body. We all acknowledge that the body can and does heal itself given the chance.  If you cut your finger, your physical body automatically releases plaques and antibodies to bring about self healing. (This is the Medical arena)

Emotional Body. If your heart is broken by a loved one or a situation, your heart grieves.  And grief is the natural emotion and first step in the healing process.  It is only when grief is not acknowledged and allowed to simply be that we start erecting self destructive walls that impede our life journey. (This is the prevue of an Emotional Counseling)

Mental Body. If you have allowed your mind to fill with toxic and negative thoughts it is vital to your health and happiness to rid your mind and heart of this toxicity.  You must acquire new learning skills and techniques to create a positive mind set.  (This is the area of Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Spiritual Body.  Have ever experienced a sense of isolation or disconnection from yourself, as if a part of you was missing?   Welcome these times as this is when your spiritual body creates situations that open the door to synchronization for reconnection!  You need to be aware of the door opening and be ready to walk through.  This is the venue of Spiritual Healing allowing you to embody your true self.

As I said before, all healing is self healing, so why would you need the help of a healer? Because a healer has been where you are now, the healer can not learn the lesson for you or take your pain away, but can hold you in their presence knowing that YOU CAN DO IT!



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We can only be empowered in LOVE when we learn to LOVE:  compassionately, courageously and wisely.

I  believe that there are many ways to live in this world. Everybody has their own way to
see and experience life. We experience the world through our own perception. But we
have been trained and sometimes even ‘brainwashed’ into having the same view of life.
Wanting the same things and wanting to achieve the same goals.

At the moment I hear and see a lot of people going through a lot of suffering. Somehow
the bubble of ungrounded happiness has burst.

Without feelings we would be like robots. It is our feelings and emotions, our likes and
dislikes, that gives our life meaning.
It is through our emotions that we experience great happiness and joy but also we
experience the deepest of suffering. Some of us can feel so overwhelmed by the
suffering that we start acting like robots, repressing all feeling.

We don’t want to suffer.

When we don’t want to suffer we are actually creating more suffering. We find different
ways to brush those feelings under the carpet until one day that pile will make us fall.

When I feel sad I feel alone, I feel unloved and I feel that nobody cares for me. I feel also
that I can not share myself. Sadness and isolation come very close together.
When I Listen to that sadness I Know that sadness is giving me a valuable gift. That
sadness is giving me very important information.

Listen to that sadness with your Heart and not just with your Head!

Breathe into your heart now, just listen to the beat of your heart.
Visualize your heart divided in two parts.
A white part and a black part.
The white part holds love, happiness and joy.
The black part holds sadness, heartache and betrayal.
Visualize the black part turning into a Teacher, it can be male or female and it holds the
energy of the Higher Teacher. This is a wise teacher, ask what he/she is trying to teach
you. Ask him/her what is the purpose of your sadness.
Ask the teacher to show you how to deal with sadness in a more constructive way so
you can acknowledge the presence of sadness and learn whatever it is that you need to
learn and then allow sadness to move on.
It is just like the seasons. One season comes and another one goes. That is a natural
cycle of life, sadness comes and sadness goes. Allow yourself to make peace with

How can you learn to love yourself when you are in the presence of

You are not your sadness. Sometimes we can create an identity around what we feel.
Sometimes we separate the emotions that we like to feel from the ones we don’t.
We judge all of the “negative emotions” because we don’t want them, we are afraid of
them, ultimatly we don’t understand their purpose.
We don’t want sadness, grief, anger, etc. by not wanting them we are judging them and
we are blocking the opportunity to break free. These “negative emotions” like anger and
sadness, are here to show us something about ourselves.

Emotions are messengers of the Heart.

In essence of all of these emotions are here to help us and they are all here to be felt
and to learn from them. But they are not here to be against us, that is our doing.
Sadness is neither good nor bad. But what I CHOOSE (consciously or unconsciously) to
do with that sadness could be constructive or destructive.
To feel is part of being alive. You can learn to surf your feelings or you can let the wave
drawn you.

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The boundaries of the Soul

For the last few months I’ve been feeling a lack of energy and enthusiasm for life. I couldn’t really understand the reason for this as everything in my life was going great. I’m in a conscious – loving relationship, support from friends and family, a job that is my vocation… things couldn’t be better, jet still, I was feeling a very intense sense of overwhelming sadness.

I decided to truly face this darkness, which obviously, was coming from the subconscious as a way of freeing myself so that I could embrace and be present in my wonderful life.

A good friend of mine recommended homeopathy, as she is very passionate about it. I made an appointment with the local homeopath. After a very healing session he gave me a remedy to take twice daily. This was the beginning of me becoming conscious of what this overwhelming sadness was about.

I’m very connected to my mother. When she is not feeling well I feel her symptoms as if they were mine. When I do healing on me she gets better. Somehow I wasn’t able to comprehend how this was possible. Last time I was home I was in bed, I couldn’t sleep. I had many feelings and thoughts of desperation. Suddenly at 2am my mother enters my room (she’s never done that before) she sits beside me and tells me the same thoughts and feelings that I was experiencing. This left me quite confused. Are these my feelings at all? why do they feel so real to me?

I went into a deep healing meditation and I asked for guidance. I suddenly felt I was in my mother’s womb as a 4 -5 month baby. My mother had just found out that my father was cheating on her. I felt her pain right in my stomach. I felt like I wanted to throw up.  Somehow I wanted to help my mother, but I couldn’t do anything. The feelings of sadness and desperation were getting stronger and I felt like life had been sucked out of me, I couldn’t bare it any longer. It was too painful. Suddenly my soul spoke to me: “You can let sadness overtake you or you can empower yourself” All I had to do was to choose in a situation where I felt there was no choice. I chose to empower myself. As soon as I made that decision I felt surrounded by a golden light. This golden light created a sacred boundary for my soul. I could not longer feel the pain. I was free from my mother’s pain and now I could truly help her by loving her and also by loving my father. I understood that this was their drama, not mine!

In my experience there are three types of boundaries: no boundary (like mine with my mother) the wall (where we push people away) and the empowered boundary.

1.- When we have no boundary there is no separation between other people’s feelings and thoughts. This can affect us in many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. When we have no boundary somehow we become a magnet for negativity.

2.- When we use the wall boundary we isolate ourselves as a way to protect ourselves. It is true that we keep negativity away but also we keep love away. With this boundary we can’t feel anything from the outside.

3.- When we use the boundary of empowerment we are in a place of self-love and self-acceptance. Therefore we don’t become attached to negativity and we connect with the true essence of our being “Pure Love”. When we empower ourselves our presence can empower others.

If you’d like to know a bit more about boundaries I would recommend you download this healing meditation to help you in the process

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World Peace starts in your HEART

My heart is happy, and I would like to share this happiness with you. It’s time to TAKE ACTION! I wake up every morning with the same question, ”what can I do to bring Peace into the World?” I was talking to my mother, and I know she prays everyday, so I asked her what does she pray for. She told me she prays for me and my brothers and for WORLD PEACE! As soon as she mentioned those words my heart jumped with excitement as for years I’ve been holding the vision of a World of Peace. A few days later I asked her if she believed World Peace could be achieved. She said “Of course not, it’s impossible, look around you” and my heart sank. She left me with these questions: How can I become WORLD PEACE? What can I do to make other people believe is possible? What qualities or gifts do I have to bring Peace into the World?

The power of one is the power of the community

We must empower ourselves and empower each other!

As our souls evolve over the centuries and millennium every era has a collective teaching to grow in awareness. If you think about soul evolution in relation with the energy of the chakras. (Astrologers say each era takes about 2000 years and we are just finishing a 14000 year cycle). Humanity has risen awareness over the root (survival)and sacral (emotions and relating to others) chakra. We are now just about to finish the solar plexus (individuality, own power) and in this new era that is just around the corner we are moving into the energy of the heart chakra, unconditional love to all life forms (including yourself!!!) So, this answers my question: What can I do to bring WORLD PEACE? The answer is to explore and integrate the energy of the heart chakra. Unconditional love is the highest vibration known to man at this time, we all need to vibrate at this frequency to achieve WORLD PEACE. And by YOU raising your vibration you are raising the vibration of the WORLD. So WORLD PEACE is in our hands.

What is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Love without expectations or conditions. Detachment of things, places, feelings, people… One can only practise non-attachment from a place of unconditional love, and that unconditional love must start with unconditional love to/for yourself. That’s why we are healing all of our dramas and traumas, to come to this realisation, I AM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. But to move to this level we need to learn all the lessons of the solar plexus chakra, What does it mean to be an individual holding your own power? I’m sure some of you are thinking: “how?” “it’s too hard” ”It’s impossible” “I’m only one person”… believe in the power of one. If you look at history, everything started with just one person and then everyone followed. Energy follows intent! If you truly believe anything can be achieved! Personally, this is a year of stabilising a community of individuals, heart-like individuals. We are all independent but connected. The mind holds beliefs, and there are many beliefs. The heart can only hold UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and there my friends, we are all connecting at the same level. Hearts don’t talk as they don’t need to justify themselves or explain themselves. Hearts just ARE!

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How to create Empowered Relationships (Part 1)

We spend our lives searching for LOVE. Awaiting for someone to love and someone to love us.

When we meet that person our heart can open like never before. Sometimes we feel we would do anything for the other person and expect the same in return.

Do we really know how to love? and most importantly, do we know how to receive love?

Often, as soon as we open our hearts, strong feelings of fear can overtake us. Doubt and old wounds show themselves and we start to find excuses to move away from love.

How to create an Empowered Relationship?

1.- Accepting Uniqueness. Learn to love and appreciate the way your partner shows their love. Don’t expect that everyone should show love the same way you do.

 2.- Move your focus. See what your partner is doing for you instead of focussing on what he/she is not doing.

 3.- Empowered Communication. Move away from blaming and realize that any given situation has been created by both.

 4.- Personal Healing. The more you love and accept yourself the more you’ll be able to create a loving relationship.

 5.- Become Love. As we explore the polarites of giving and receiving love we embody love. Learn to love yourself through your partner. 

 6.- Establish Boundaries. Learn to create empowered physical, emotional, mental & spiritual boundaries.

 7.- Awareness. Becoming aware of the mayor wounds played out in the relationship:

– Abandonment / True source of love

– Separation / Connection

– Fear / Trust

– Control / Freedom

8.-  Being present. Work to clear energetic imprints of previous relationships, or  unresolved issues/traumas.

 9.- Commitment to love. Allow yourself to stay in the relationship when the inner saboteur wants to run away.

 10.- Sacred Sexuality. Allow a deeper connection.

When we allow another’s love we are loving ourselves.

Can we ever be pain free? Only when we accept our human experience. Sadness, loneliness, separation, etc. are not the root cause of pain but how each individual chooses to express their disconnection with themselves.

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Empowered Relationships

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself, as every other relationship is a mirror of the one within.
No one in this world can ever fulfill your “needs”, your need to be loved, your need to feel appreciated or feel wanted. Only you can fulfill these needs, only you can make yourself whole, and only then can you share who you are with someone else. When you accept love that is “unconditionally offered” and not love that is “conditionally needed” then you can truly appreciate and be grateful for the opportunity to share love with someone else.

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