Love, what is Love?






For me, at this moment in time, the closet word to describe Love is ACCEPTANCE.

Love has many dimensions:

-An spiritual imprint

-A belief system

-An emotional state

-A physical demonstration

Love means different things to different people.

Sometimes we just associate love with romantic love or parent/child love… Love is experienced differently depending on our level of awareness. There is no right or wrong way to experience love, depending on where we are in the “love journey” our understanding, feeling and embodiment of love might be different to others around us.

I find that love keeps showing different aspects of itself to me as I get older. I can now see how my relationship with love has evolved and will continue to grow and deepened.

It is a point I make that everyone shows love in their own unique way and it is always good to accept that uniqueness.

A lot of times we expect people to love us the way we love. If I am “touchy feely” then I want others to be the same. Or if I am a “doer” then I want people to do back for me. Unconsciously we are saying “This is how I show love and this is what I expect back”. With this frame of mind I might accuse people around me of not loving me because I am not accepting and/or understanding their unique way of showing love.

This has being one of the most important revelations in my life.

When I drop my need to be loved in an specific way, which is limiting, I discover endless and limitless possibilities to experience love.

Focus on how others are loving you instead of focusing on how they are not!



About mjsen

Maria Jesus originally from Madrid, Spain, came over to Ireland in 1995 after finalizing her studies in Computer Programming. Started her training as a holistic therapist in 1997. Her own healing journey started exploring different Energy Therapies. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, Magnified Healing Teacher and Theta Healing Practitioner.. Once she got full understanding of energy she felt the need to understand the body so she studied different types of massage. She trained in Thailand at ITM massage school in Chiang Mai, where she received her Teaching Diploma in Thai Massage. She also learnt Thai Foot Reflexology, Oil massage, Thai Herbal Massage, Body and Facial Treatments. After understanding the relationship between energy and body she felt the need to understand the mind, she studied Psycotherapy. And after that she felt she could really offer a holistic aproach to her clients. Mind, Body and Soul. She holds a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Psychotherapy and Life Coaching. She is also a Bach Flower Dance Teacher. Delfina Productions a theatre company which deals with Spiritual themes was formed by Maria Jesus after finalizing her Diploma in Theatre Studies. Aimed to raise spiritual awareness. With her knowledge of theatre and energy work she developed a workshop called “Creative Therapy—Heal your emotions through acting”, a powerful workshop were you allow yourself to express repressed emotions...
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